FAQ: How Are Thomas Kinkade Paintings Signed?

How do you authenticate a Thomas Kinkade painting?

The easiest way to verify if a Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery is authentic is to call the Thomas Kinkade Company at 800-366-3733 extension 3.

Are Thomas Kinkade signed prints worth anything?

Local artist Kinkade died three years ago at the age of 54. It’s been said that one out of every 20 homes in America has his work on a wall. But the signed and numbered limited editions have gone up anywhere from $300 to $1,000 since the artist’s death, and they’ll likely continue to increase in value.

Are Thomas Kinkade paintings copyrighted?

ABS has the exclusive rights to manage and license the imagery held by The Thomas Kinkade Estate. All trademarks, service marks, and trade name are proprietary to The Thomas Kinkade Estate.

What does sn mean on a Thomas Kinkade painting?

SE/SN – Serigraph Standard Number. Serigraphs are a highly respected print making technique in the art world. Unlike photographic reproductions such as giclée, serigraphs actually involve recreating the original artwork by hand.

Are unsigned prints worth anything?

Unsigned Prints. Signatures count for a lot at a print market since they add to the artwork’s authenticity. The value of a signed print is usually two or more times higher than the value of an unsigned print, so if you have a choice, it’s always better to go for the signed version.

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How do I sell my Thomas Kinkade paintings?

Put your painting on consignment with a Kinkade art gallery. You will likely be asked to sign a consignment agreement that states you will receive a percentage of the sale value minus any costs. For example, the Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery gives the consignor 70 percent of the sale price minus any costs.

How much do Thomas Kinkade prints sell for?

It appears the average price for this print is $849, the low is $175, and the high is $3000. Here is a link to the site so you can learn more about how you can determine the price of your print if you want to sell it. picclick.com/Thomas-Kinkade-Beginning-of-a-Perfect

Who owns the rights to Thomas Kinkade?

Nearly three years after the death of the world-famous “Painter of Light,” a Los Angeles-based private equity fund has acquired the Thomas Kinkade Co. Art Brand Studios, an affiliate of Next Point Capital, bought the company from the Kinkade Family Trust, according to a statement.

What do the numbers mean on a painting?

Many times there is confusion on what it means to have a numbered piece of art. To have a numbered piece of art means that the artist or printer has indicated on the art that this piece is the X numbered print out of a total of YY prints printed in that particular edition, making it a limited edition.

What does SN stand for in art?

There is no need to sign nor number open editions as the implication is that there is no limit to the number produced. S/N refers to ‘ signed and numbered ‘. This involves a signature applied to each reproduction separately (even if a signature appears inside the plate already).

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What does S N mean on a painting?

Signed / Numbered Limited Edition Print (S/N) means that a set number of prints have been reproduced off an original. The artist signs and numbers the prints, usually on the lower left and/or right area of the print.