FAQ: How Many Paintings In Lower Aventa Dishonored 2?

How many Paintings are in Dishonored 2?

Edge of the World There are 4 paintings to collect in Mission 2.

How many Sokolov Paintings are there?

Sokolov Paintings are exactly as they sound, paintings done by Anton Sokolov. They are hidden throughout the missions and total eleven, with each one giving you 300 coins when you grab it.

Who did the Paintings in Dishonored 2?

Sokolov’s Paintings are collectible works of art in Dishonored, Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outsider, created by Anton Sokolov.

Is there a black market in Upper aventa?

Black Market Shop area north of the station plaza (block N7S on the map and the area adjacent to it). There is a beggar in the northwest corner of the area in front of the Black Market Shop who will give you information about the planned heist if you give him some coin.

What to do with Paolo Dishonored 2?

Alternatively, Paolo can be neutralized by being placed in a crate found in the silvergraph store where he will be shipped off to Karnaca’s silver mines for five years of servitude, killed and delivered to Byrne to gain the latter’s assistance, or both men can be ignored completely.

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What is Karnaca?

Karnaca, also known as “The Jewel of the South at the Edge of the World”, is the capital city of Serkonos, located in the eastern portion of the nation and at the southernmost tip of the Empire. It serves as the main setting of Dishonored 2.

How old is Daud?

You can locate it by dropping into the water from where you start Central Rudshore (from Rudshore Waterfront) and swim towards Daud’s Base entrance. At the first streetlight, stop and turn 90° left. Follow that sidepath to an underwater safe (there’s an air pocket above it). The safe combination is 4-2-8.

Who did the art for Dishonored?

Viktor Antonov (born in Sofia, Bulgaria) is a video game art director and conceptual artist who worked with Valve on Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Lost Coast. Antonov was the visual design director of Dishonored and oversaw the design of many of the unique settings in the game.

How old is Emily Kaldwin Dishonored 2?

Emily as an adult. By the time Emily is 24 years of age, she develops a strong sense of morality, believing that her rule is firm and just.

How do you beat Delilah in Copperspoon?

Use the heart on Delilah. As soon as the hounds escape, use the heart on Delilah to start a short cutscene. Note! It is REQUIRED to use the heart on Delilah to kill her and to eliminate her non-lethally.

Why did Billie lurk betray Daud?

It is revealed at the end of the DLC that Billie betrayed Daud to Delilah, and planned to murder him herself. Believing he had grown weak and unstable after the assassination of Jessamine Kaldwin, Billie decided to unseat him as the leader of the Whalers and take his place.

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How do you break into the first black market?

How to Get Inside the Black Market:

  1. Turn right and look in the window as you enter the Black Market room.
  2. Next, grab the crank-wheel leaning against the back wall, opposite the vendor.
  3. Attach the wheel and turn it — now you can access the chain and climb up into the market.