FAQ: How To Display Watercolor Paintings?

How should watercolor paintings be framed?

Watercolors Need to Be Framed Watercolors are best off when you frame them under glass, and there are compelling reasons to do so. Watercolors are usually done on paper which will deteriorate very fast if left in the open.

Do you have to mat watercolor paintings?

According to the one-third method, the correct frame will have about one third of the total surface area as the painting it holds. Because of the delicate composition of watercolors, we strongly recommend they be matted in light, neutral colors.

Do watercolor paintings need glass?

Watercolor paintings are light sensitive so UV glass is used to protect them from fading. (It’s also recommended that you hang artwork away from direct sunlight.) Make sure to request that they use UV or museum glass.

How long will a watercolor painting last?

Pan watercolors should be good for at least 10 years. This varies depending upon the storage conditions. Moldy watercolors are usually discarded. It may be possible to salvage tubes that are dry or separating.

How do you keep watercolors from fading?

Since light is a major catalyst, watercolors should be kept out of direct light and protected by a sheet of filtered glass or acrylic. They should also be mounted in acid-free mat board to keep the paper from discoloring over time.

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How do you clean an old watercolor painting?

Dab or gently rub the painting with the pieces of bread. The soft, doughy texture of the bread picks up the dust and dirt on the painting without harming the watercolor. Wipe the painting with a piece of bread. As the bread becomes dirty, replace it with a fresh piece.

How do you make watercolor waterproof?

Use a Varnish or Fixative

  1. Schmincke Watercolour Fixative (spray)
  2. Jackson’s Pastel Fixative (spray)
  3. Golden Archival Varnish Matt (spray)
  4. Daler-Rowney Watercolour Varnish (brush-on)
  5. Roberson Picture Varnish Matt (brush-on)
  6. Roberson Beeswax Picture Varnish (rub-on)
  7. Gamblin Cold Wax medium (rub-on)

How do you float a watercolor painting?

The easiest method for floating is to hinge art to a pedestal of foamboard or mat board that is about 1″ smaller all around than the water color itself. This will then be attached to the front of a decorative backing about 2″ to 3″ larger than the water color all around.

Can you frame a watercolor painting without glass?

It is important to note: – Most watercolor society shows don’t allow paintings with varnish or framed without glass. So, don’t do this if you are going to enter the painting in a watercolor society show. – This method of framing is not less time consuming, but it changes where you spend the time.

Can you use fixative on watercolor?

Watercolor: Yes! You can use fixative sprays on watercolor paintings. It is better to seal the paintings with glass instead. Acrylics: Artists have reported success while using Sennelier D’Artigny Oil Pastel Fixative(designed for varnishing pastel work) and also Krylon Kamar spray varnish for acrylics.