FAQ: In The Book Speak, How Many Paintings Does Melinda Doe?

What was Melinda’s final tree art?

Melinda’s final tree art is symmetrical, the bark is rough, but there is new growth. This represents Melinda’s life because she is finally back to being okay again and although her skin is rough, her new growth has come out and she is now standing tall again.

Does Melinda cut herself in art class?

Freeman helps her clean up her thumb and her chisel, he uses the chisel to put a giant slash through his canvas. Through Melinda’s cutting herself, the naming of IT, and Heather ignoring Melinda’s freak out, you see Melinda fall deeper into her feelings of isolation and despair.

What artist does Melinda Love *?

Freeman’s art class. Here, Melinda is nourished – she learns about art, about dedication to a work of art, and about her own feelings. Science class is also important to Melinda. Through that class she gets to know her almost-love interest, David Petrakis, teen genius.

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What is Melinda’s art project in speak?

Melinda’s turkey bone art project is the turkey bones from the destroyed turkey glued onto a block of wood, arranged like a museum exhibit.

What does Mr Freeman say about Melinda’s tree?

In art, Mr. Freeman critiques Melinda’s tree progress. He says the tree is not truly “alive” and that Melinda needs to put herself into it.

Why is Melinda hated in speak?

Melinda Sordino begins her freshman year with an unrevealed secret. She’s hated by all students because when the summer was coming to an end, she went to a party and called the police. She has to go through judgments and physical bullying ever since.

What class does Melinda hate?

Melinda really hates gym class, but the class itself would be bearable if she didn’t resent Nicole so much. Nicole is athletic, loved by the teachers, and nice to everyone.

Where does Melinda go to hear the best gossip in school?

Where does Melinda go to hear the best gossip in school? Melinda hears through the grapevine that Rachel dumped Andy at the prom. He was groping her on the dance floor and when she told him to back off, he got angry.

Why is Melinda struggling with her art project?

Melinda is struggling with her art project. She can’t figure out how to make a tree show emotion, so she looks at Picasso for inspiration.

Why were Melinda’s grades so poor?

In her words, Melinda needs “to hand over the guilt and mistake and anger to somebody else.” Her emotional turmoil is the reason behind her dwindling grades. It is not until the very end of the book that readers get a sense that Melinda’s grades and life as a student will get better.

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Which item symbolizes Melinda’s life?

How is the new spring season a symbol for what is taking place in Melinda’s life? Spring is a symbol of growth and rebirth. After standing up to Heather, Melinda realizes she is ready to come alive again after feeling dead for so long.

Why does Mr Freeman give Melinda a book on Picasso?

By Laurie Halse Anderson Mr. Freeman sees that Melinda is stuck and he thinks that learning about Pablo Picasso (the famous Spanish artist) will inspire her. Freeman says that Picasso “saw the truth” and “painted the truth” (57.2). He puts the book about Picasso in front of Melinda and she reads.

Who is Melinda’s art teacher?

Mr. Freeman is Melinda’s art teacher.

What object is Melinda assigned for art?

In art class, Melinda pulls out a word from an old globe. The word is “tree,” which is the object she will have to recreate in various forms.

What does the wishbone symbolize in speak?

Example: The turkey carcass represents Melinda who has suffered a great deal of pain and anguish recently (much like the turkey must have felt while her parents were trying to cook it). The turkey bones are now raw and exposed which is how Melinda feels.