How Do I Authenticate My Peter Max Paintings?

How do I get my paintings authenticated?

Authenticating Art

  1. A signed certificate or statement of authenticity from a respected authority or expert on the artist.
  2. An exhibition or gallery sticker attached to the art.
  3. A statement, either verbal or written, from the artist.
  4. An original gallery sales receipt or receipt directly from the artist.

How do you authenticate an oil painting?

How to Get a Painting Authenticated

  1. Inspect your painting for damage.
  2. Schedule an appointment to take the painting to the dealer or seller.
  3. Leave the painting in the hands of the experts if they accept your painting for authentication.

How many Peter Max paintings are there?

Peter Max – 26 artworks – painting.

How can I contact Peter Max?

Please fill out the form below or give us a call at 212-874-6700. Please note: Peter Max customer service does not offer appraisals.

Should authenticity matter when appreciating art?

Consumers and Viewers value authenticity – whether your art is on display or you are selling, customers and viewers will appreciate the authenticity. It’s Real and Unique – people will recognize hard work through authentic art. An individual piece is valued more because of its uniqueness and realness.

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How much does it cost to get art authenticated?

Authentication doesn’t come cheap, either—independent experts (generally academics, although sometimes family members) usually charge for their services. Force said the minimum fee hovers around $500 and can go much higher depending on the artist and the potential value of the work.

How do I get a certificate of authenticity?

Here is a quick checklist of things to include on your Certificate of Authenticity:

  1. Signature (preferably of the artist, hand signed, not photocopied)
  2. Name of piece/subject featured.
  3. Date it of creation.
  4. Dimensions.
  5. Details of the medium used.
  6. Number of prints made (if the piece is a limited edition)

Who is the famous Renaissance artist?

Leonardo da Vinci is probably the best-known Renaissance artist, famous for his masterworks The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. The classic “Renaissance man,” da Vinci was not only an artist but also an inventor, scientist, architect, engineer, and more.

How do I get my art appraised?

How can I get my art appraised? Go to an art appraiser or an estate retailer and ask them to appraise your artwork. They may charge a small fee, however. You can also try a collective gallery or art co-op.

Are Peter Max prints worth anything?

Since most of the Peter Max art on eBay are originals and of high value, often costing several thousand dollars, there are a couple of other options that might make even more sense. One option is to choose your favorite painting and design a room around it.

Why did Peter Max live in China for 10 years?

Peter Max grew up a world traveler. Born in 1937, Max’s family fled Berlin in 1938 to avoid Nazi persecution. His family lived in Shanghai near a Buddhist monastery until the artist was 10.

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What kind of art does Peter Max do?

Peter Max (American/German, b. 1937) is a famed illustrator and graphic artist who specializes in Pop Art and Neo Expressionism,and is known for his generous use of vibrant colors. Max was born in Berlin, Germany, but his family relocated to Nazi Germany.

What media does Peter Max use?

Many assume that Max created the designs for The Beatles’ iconic 1968 animated film “Yellow Submarine.” While his cosmic artwork is definitely a spiritual cousin to the film’s iconic aesthetic, he only did early consulting work for the project.