Often asked: How Many Paintings Did Thomas Cole Paint?

How much are Thomas Cole paintings worth?

Thomas Cole’s work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from $60 USD to $1,463,500 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. Since 1998 the record price for this artist at auction is $1,463,500 USD for Catskill Mountain House, sold at Christie’s New York in 2003.

What was Thomas Cole first painting?

Self-taught, Cole began painting portraits in 1822. In the ensuing years, he shifted his focus to landscapes. One of Cole’s first landscapes, Lake with Dead Trees (1825), was among those that first popularized his works in an 1825 exhibition.

What paint did Thomas Cole use?

Zinc white (ZnO) entered the artist’s palette around 1850, primarily for use in watercolor. Therefore, Cole’s use of zinc-white ground in an oil medium in The Oxbow, which was painted in 1836, presents us with a relatively early use of this pigment.

Who did Thomas Cole influence?

Cole was the first to explore this territory, taking steamboat trips up the valley from the mid-1820s onwards, and his work became a touchstone for a whole generation of American artists including Frederic Edwin Church, Albert Bierstadt, and Asher Brown Durand.

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Who was the only student of Thomas Cole?

During this time, a number of Cole letters and poems were published in New York papers and magazines. In May of 1844 Cole agreed to accept Frederic E. Church as a student in his studio.

Is Tole a painting?

Tole painting is the folk art of decorative painting on tin and wooden utensils, objects and furniture. German tole painting may concentrate more on metal and tin objects, while Scandinavians and Netherlanders may concentrate more on wooden objects and furniture. Patterns in the two traditions vary slightly as well.

How did Thomas Cole learn to paint?

He was trained by an itinerant portrait painter named Stein and then spent two years at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. In 1825 some of Cole’s landscapes in a New York shop window attracted the attention of Colonel John Trumbull and the painter Asher B. Durand.

Who makes Thomas Cole furniture?

Thomas Cole Designs is a collection of furniture and mattresses designed by HOM in direct collaboration with top furniture manufacturers around the world.

Where is the artist Thomas Cole from?

Cole’s idea that art is the process of creation rather than reproduction is fundamentally religious in nature. In 1842, Cole stated that art is “man’s lowly imitation of the creative power of the almighty” (Stradling, 66). Cole believed that, through the act of constructing sublime landscapes, he was imitating God.

How did Thomas Cole impact society?

Thomas Cole (1801-1848) was an English-born American painter and founder of the Hudson School, one of America’s first distinctive artistic movements. His artwork helped define a new national aesthetic and the role and importance of the environment to American society, which had major impacts on the 19th century.