Often asked: How To Draw Tanjore Paintings?

Can we do Tanjore painting in canvas?

Tanjore paintings are made on wood and cloth canvas, in addition to being done on canvas, they also done on walls, wooden panel, glass, paper, mica and exotic media such as ivory. Tanjore paintings are rich, bright and many a times inlaid with precious stones and gold foil.

What is special about Tanjore painting?

Tanjore Painting is the only painting to have EMBOSS on it. That is, the painting has areas that are ELEVATED from the surface. The other feature is the Real Gold Foil used to stick on the EMBOSSED areas – 22 carat gold foil is used. It is made of real gold and it never fades.

What is the main theme of Thanjavur art?

Common themes in Tanjore paintings include Bal Krishna, Lord Rama, as well as other gods, goddesses, saints and subjects from Hindu mythology.

How do you identify a Tanjore painting?

Thanjavur paintings are characterised by rich and vivid colors, simple iconic composition, glittering gold foils overlaid on delicate but extensive gesso work and inlay of glass beads and pieces or very rarely precious and semi-precious gems.

How much do Tanjore paintings cost?

Tanjore Painting: Buy Tanjore & Thanjavur Paintings Online starts from Rs. 9,949 @ Best Prices – Pepperfry.

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Who Patronised the Tanjore painting?

The paintings of Tanjore were propagated by the Chola kings who ruled south India during the 16th century and were patronized by the Maratha princes, Nayakas of the Vijayanagar emrpie, Rajus of Tanjore and Tiruchirapalli and the Naidus of Madurai.

Why Tanjore painting is different from other school of painting?

The dense composition, surface richness and vibrant colors of Indian Thanjavur Paintings distinguish them from the other types of paintings. Most of these paintings revolve around the theme of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, along with saints. The base is made up of a cloth, which is pasted over a wooden base.

What is Tanjore famous for?

Located in the Cauvery delta, Thanjavur is often called the ‘ Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu ‘. Its economy is based on tourism, agriculture, and silk weaving. Classical Carnatic music was codified, and some Bharatnatyam styles were developed in Thanjavur, also famous for its Tanjore paintings.

Where are Tanjore paintings made?

Tanjore Paintings on Fabric. Tanjore Paintings are a form of art prevalent in Tamil Nadu and named after the town of Tanjore or Thanjavur. These paintings, although originally made on wooden planks and then on cloth canvas backed by a wooden frame, were adapted onto fabrics especially South Indian silk textiles.