Often asked: Witcher 3 Which Paintings Edward Van Der Knoob?

What is the correct painting Witcher 3?

The correct answer is the portrait of the merchant. He is so astounded that you do, in fact, know your art that he apologizes and offers a bit of advice for you during the auction. There will be a painting by Van Rogh, an up-and-coming artist.

Should I tell Vivaldi about the painting?

If you want to earn more on it (buy it for cheaper price), don’t tell Vivaldi about it, because he will fight for it during the bidding as well.

Which Borsodi brother should I side with?

Horst Borsodi was born in Novigrad to Maximilian Borsodi and his partner into a large and, at the time, already rich Borsodi family. He grew side by side with his brother, Ewald.

How do I start the Open Sesame quest in Witcher 3?

The Open Sesame quest is one of two quests you can start after completing the Evil’s Soft First Touches quest, along with Dead Man’s Party. To start this quest, head to Oxenfurt and approach the auction house. This being an auction, make sure you’re carrying some extra crowns on you.

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Should I side with Ewald or Horst?

inside you’ll have be given the choice of changing sides: Stick with Ewald: You’ll end up fighting Horst, his two guards, and Quinto. Once that fight is over, Ewald will refuse to hand over the house, so you will end up fighting him. When you’re done, you can take the house and its contents.

Should I sell the painting Witcher 3?

With Blood and Wine expansion, it’s possible to keep the painting while still completing the quest by first hanging it in Corvo Bianco, then selling it to Marcus. However, the painting will still be hanging in Corvo Bianco after selling it.

Is olgierd good or bad?

The Witcher 3: Why Letting Olgierd Die Is The Lesser Evil In Heart Of Stone. Interfering when Gaunter O’Dimm goes to collect Olgierd Von Everec’s soul and beating the Master Mirror at his own game is generally considered the good ending of The Witcher 3’s Heart of Stone expansion.

What happens if I side with Horst?

If you side with Horst, he and his guards will stand back while you dispatch of his brother. If Casimir is your selected safecracker, you’ll need to defeat him too.

Can you save Hugo Hoff?

Sadly, there is no way to save him, so you will end this phase of the quest at this point and will be forced to recruit Eveline.

Where can I get a Viper steel sword?

Viper steel sword is a craftable steel sword and is part of the Viper School Gear in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The diagram can be found in White Orchard, in the Amavet Fortress Ruins.

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Who should I choose for Open Sesame?

There are two safecrackers to choose from in this sub-quest, Casimir and Quinto. Whoever you choose can drastically change the ending of the quest so be aware! Casimir will be about to blow himself up when you meet him.

Who should I side with in Open Sesame?

Who sides with who depends on you and the safecracker: Side with Ewald with Quinto as safecracker: you’ll have to fight both the guards, Horst, and Quinto, as he’ll side with Horst. Side with Ewald with Casimir as safecracker: you’ll fight the guards and Horst as Casimir stays with Ewald.

Where can I sell Van ROGH in Witcher 3?

Sell the van Rogh painting to the Novigrad book merchant, Marcus Hodgson.

How do you save Casimir?

He is attempting to commit a suicide. Be careful, there are many dialogue options and if you will not trigger a fight (not deadly), you can cause the Casimir to blow himself up. The safest option is to use Axii sign or the last dialogue option (offensive one). It will guarantee that the dwarf will join your team.

How do you beat caretaker?

The best way to deal with The Caretaker is to attack him right after he uses a big attack like his shovel slam or his shovel charge. You can also use Northern Wind Bombs to freeze him in place and hit him with a fully charged Rend. When his HP gets to a certain point, he will start summoning ghosts and attacking them.