Question: How To Build Braces For Paintings?

How do I know what size stretcher bars I need?

The rule of thumb for measuring your canvas is to add 3 inches of canvas to each side of your stretcher bars (or frame). That would mean that a canvas meant to fit over a 34 x 40 inch stretcher bar will require the actual canvas size to be cut at 40 x 46 inches.

What are stretcher bars made of?

Stretcher strips (also called stretcher bars) are typically made of wood, metal or a combination of the two. The different types of wood can range from pine to fir. Whether they are made of wood, metal or both, stretcher strips serve the same purpose.

Do you reuse stretcher bars?

Wunderbar stretcher bars are designed in such a way that even those artists who do not know how to stretch a canvas, can easily use them. If you think you want to reuse them, simply take off the old canvas, remove the pins and re-staple them without any hassle.

How do you make a canvas wedge?

How to fit canvas wedges

  1. Insert the wedges by hand into the corner slots, in the orientation shown.
  2. Place pieces of card between the stretchers and the canvas in each corner.
  3. Stand the canvas upright.
  4. Using a small hammer, knock the wedges upwards into the slots while supporting the canvas with your free hand.