Quick Answer: How To Photograph Watercolor Paintings?

How do I photograph a painting on my iPhone?

Artists: 8 Tips for Photographing Artwork With an iPhone

  1. Shoot Photos in JPEG Format.
  2. Consider the Background.
  3. Find the Good Light.
  4. If There’s No Good Light, Create It.
  5. Focus the Phone.
  6. Adjust the Brightness.
  7. Hold Your Cell Phone as Steady as Possible.
  8. Play With Editing Software.

Is it better to scan or photograph art?

For simple works (basically those that are not acrylic or oils and do not have any embellishments or three dimensional aspect to them) you will actually usually get a better result through scanning than photography. You’ll get much more resolution, and a more evenly lit and predictable result.

How do kids take pictures of their artwork?

Even lighting is key when photographing artwork. Use diffused, natural light from windows when you can. But when natural light isn’t possible, try setting up two lights that crisscross each other to light the work evenly and and avoid casting shadows on the artwork.

How do you photograph shiny oil paintings?

Tilting Your Painting To Reduce Glare Easels generally lean back slightly, which can exacerbate glare on your canvases. Straighten your painting up to a 90% angle with the surface it is resting on. As you photograph, look for glare and if you see any, tip it slightly forward.

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How do you photograph shiny paintings?

The In Depth Guide

  1. Cameras. I’m using a semi-pro DSLR but you will be able to achieve good results with any DSLR.
  2. Tripods. A tripod is required.
  3. Remotes.
  4. Lighting.
  5. Software.
  6. Hang it, light it, shoot.
  7. Block out any light from all sources other than your lamps.
  8. Position the tripod directly in front of the art.

Is it OK to copy someone’s art?

Copying pre-existing works is legal, so long as the original work is in the public domain (meaning that the copyright on that work has expired). When your copies are substantially similar to the original, you are safe only in copying works that are in the public domain.

How do I take photos of my art portfolio?

Place a light on each side of your artwork at a 45-degree angle. Make sure the light balance is for indoor or tungsten. Photograph each piece individually. Try to fill the camera frame with your work.

What is the best lens for photographing artwork?

A good choice of lens for photographing art is a 50mm or 100mm prime lens with decent close-focusing capability. Many people use macro lenses, not least because they create very little distortion at close range. A high-quality zoom will suffice at around portrait-length.