Readers ask: How Did Remington Frame His Paintings?

How did Frederic Remington make his art?

Remington’s protagonist, a Cheyenne named Fire Eater, is a prototype Native American as viewed by Remington and many of his time. Remington then returned to sculpture, and produced his first works produced by the lost wax method, a higher quality process than the earlier sand casting method he had employed.

How can you tell a real Remington?

Foundry marks –Authentic Remington bronzes are permanently marked with the foundry name (see Figs. 5, 6, 11). The majority of reproductions do not have foundry marks. All of Remington’s originals were produced by only two firms: Roman Bronze Works and Henry-Bonnard Bronze Co.

How did Remington make his sculptures?

To create this bronze sculpture, Remington used a method called lost wax casting. A “cast” is a form that is created by pouring liquid metal into a mold. Although it is over 6000 years old, the lost wax method had been newly introduced in the United States during Remington’s time.

What type of art did Frederic Remington do?

During the Spanish-American War he was a war correspondent and artist. Remington was primarily a reporter, recording the image of the thing seen; his work is notable for its rendering of swift action and its accuracy of detail. In 1895 he created The Broncho Buster, the first of his well-known bronze sculptures.

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What is Remington famous for?

Frederic Remington (1861-1909) is best known for his art depicting the cowboys, soldiers and Native Americans of the Old West. A native of Canton, New York, Remington found inspiration in these subjects from an early age.

How much is an original Remington worth?

Buyers are often urged to spend far more than the reproductions are worth. Generally, authentic Remington bronzes are not available anywhere for less than $75,000.

How much are Remington reproductions worth?

Remington’s original bronze castings vividly recreated the Wild West with romanticized figures of broncobusters, noble Indians and lonely cowpokes. In the late 1980s, some replicas of Remington bronzes were selling for as much as $4,000. Today, you can buy one for as little as $350.

What does after Frederic Remington mean?

The statue is “after” Remington, meaning it was produced by an artist who mimicked Remington’s original to produce an accurate copy.

How many Remington statues are there?

When shopping for Remington sculptures there are a few points to keep in mind. First, don’t always believe what you hear or read. There are only between 25 and 50 original sculptures from the original molds. They are museum masterpieces and worth millions of dollars.

How old was Frederic Remington when he died?

Before his premature death in 1909 at age forty-eight, Remington completed more than seventy paintings in which he explored the technical and aesthetic difficulties of painting darkness. Surprisingly, Remington’s nocturnes are filled with color and light—moonlight, firelight, and candlelight.

Which great American artist painted pictures of the Old West?

Frederic Remington, the American painter, illustrator, and sculptor, specialized in pictures of the Old West. His works depicted the cowboys, US cavalry, and the harsh desert lands.

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Is Frederic Remington related to Remington Arms?

Remington was a cousin of Eliphalet Remington, founder of the Remington Arms Company, which is considered America’s oldest gunmaker. He was also related to three famous mountain men: Jedediah Smith, Jonathan T. Warner, and Robert “Doc” Newell.