Readers ask: How Do I Get Through The Paintings In Madarames Palace?

How long does it take to beat Madarame’s Palace?

You cannot complete this Palace in a single day as it requires you to leave at two points for the story, so at least three days in a row are needed.

How can you tell real Sayuri?

The real painting will always have a few key traits that you want to look out for, here’s what they are.

  1. The branch behind Sayuri will always have some cherry blossoms on it.
  2. She’s wearing a red sweater.
  3. She’s looking down and smiling.

What is the best team for madarame Palace?

Madarame’s Palace – Ann, Ryuji, and Yusuke After that point on in Madarame’s Palace, the best party to go with is Ann, Ryuji, and Yusuke. This palace also establishes a trend in Persona 5 that the current palace plays into the newest party member’s strengths — so naturally, it plays well into Yusuke’s strengths.

How do I get Madarame’s feet password?

Inside the Treasure Lounge, walk over to a giant golden statue of Madarame and examine it. A plaque located at Madarame’s feet reads “1120,” which is the password to the control terminal.

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How many safe rooms are in Madarame’s Palace?

The answer is 1120. Return to the security room and open up all the gates. Head across the floor to the farthest side. Go through the double doors and turn left to find the Treasure Hall Safe Room.

What is Madarame’s weakness?

This attack covers a single character in black paint, making them vulnerable (weak) to all types of magic. The effect lasts for three turns. Try to keep that character alive with Dia / Media, and try to take out the majority of Shadow Madarame’s “face” with more physical attacks.

Where is the giant madarame statue?

Madarame is a total narcissist, so in the atrium of this Palace, there’s a huge golden statue of him that you’ll pass by several times as you navigate through the dungeon, according to IGN.

What is bringer of misfortune weak to?

The Bringer of Misfortune is relatively easy, although he is immune to physical attacks. As such, use your team’s magical abilities to take him out easily. If you have access to any Nuke powers, the mini-boss it weak to it. Focus him down with magic.

Who painted Sayuri?

One of Madarame’s most famous paintings is the art piece titled “Sayuri,” which was the self-portrait of a woman and her child that he stole and claimed for himself as he took the opportunity to let her die of a seizure.

What persona has rampage?

Persona 4. Gdon is a Persona that can be acquired from Shuffle Time in the Void Quest dungeon. One of Margaret’s Social Link requests is a Gdon that has inherited the skill Rampage.

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Do you need all the will seeds in Persona 5?

Finding all three Will Seeds in each palace unlocks an accessory you can’t obtain any other way. Once you got the seeds, you first unlock a crystal with a standard skill other normal accessories can hold. Bring them to Jose in Mementos however, and he’ll give you a trinket with a unique, extremely useful ability.

How many hours long is Persona 5?

Persona 5’s main story clocks in around 97 hours, but most players will have engaged in at least some side content by the endgame, as Confidants and Mementos runs are basically necessary to beat the game. With extra content, the number of hours can reach 115 and beyond.

How many palaces are there in Persona 5?

According to the Shin Megami Tensei Wikia, there are seven palaces in the game that you’ll infiltrate over the course of the story, with an additional eighth palace unlocked in Mementos near the end of the game.