Readers ask: What Are The Numbers On The Paintings In Raj’S House?

What is hanging on the wall in Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment?

1 Answer. On the wall in the living room of Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment is an antique fuse holder with fuses.

What are the photos on Penny’s fridge?

If you take a closer look at Penny’s fridge the next time you’re binge-watching The Big Bang Theory, you may notice a few familiar faces. The pictures on the fridge are real photos of Kaley Cuoco, the crew, and a few of herself, Melissa Rauch (Bernadette), and Mayim Bialik (Amy Farrah-Fowler)!

What is on Raj’s kitchen table?

Items Seen in Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali’s Apartment [S02E01] Justice League of America Trophy Room: Multi-Colored Kryptonite Replica Display on Raj’s kitchen table.

What is on Sheldon and Leonard’s refrigerator?

Sheldon explains that when the apartment is in distress the flag will be turned upside down, signifying so. Similar to having the flag up at half-mast. Well, if you look closely when Sheldon and Leonard are going through tough times, the roommate flag magnet is typically turned upside down on the fridge.

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Does Raj get married?

Actor Prakash Raj gets married ‘again’ to wife Pony Verma Actor Prakash Raj and his wife Pony Verma celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, August 24, by getting married ‘for the second time,’ at their son Vedhant’s request.

Why did Sheldon and Penny switch apartments?

After years of dating, Sheldon and Amy relocate to Apartment 4B to see what it would be like to live together. Sheldon is naturally resistant to the idea of shacking up with his girlfriend, until it’s pitched to him as a quasi science experiment.

How much would Penny’s apartment cost?

“The Big Bang Theory” — Apartment 4B Just across the way is a one-bedroom apartment where Penny first lived. Since it is considerably smaller than the unit across the way, rent would probably be $1,825 each month.

Why does Penny keep looking at the camera?

3 Penny Looks At The Camera! Whether it was her friendship with Sheldon, her efforts in becoming an actor, or her relationship with Leonard, Penny was constantly involved. As a show that was not a mockumentary of sorts, it’s humorous that the show kept Penny’s small glances towards the camera in the final product.

How does Penny pay for her apartment?

Penny regularly borrows money from her pals, and she freeloads on their internet and often eats their food. She also isn’t against the idea of letting a payment slip to afford what she needs. In short, no, Penny couldn’t really afford her rent, but like a lot of 20-somethings, she was figuring out a way to make I work.

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Does Raj move out?

Raj finally moves out of his apartment, the Raj Mahal. He won’t stay in Leonard and Penny’s apartment that long, though, since he is difficult to live with. He is twice as bad as Sheldon Cooper living with them. They would ask him to leave pretty soon.

When did Raj get a new apartment?

Raj’s New Apartment is a rented space above Bert Kibbler’s house. It first appeared on “The Celebration Reverberation” after he moved out of Leonard and Penny’s apartment. Raj moved in “The Gyroscopic Collapse”.

Where does Rajesh koothrappali live?

Rajesh “Raj” Ramayan Koothrappali is an Indian-born astrophysicist who lives in Pasadena and works at Caltech.

Why does Sheldon turn the flag upside down?

According to Sheldon, the flag must only be flown upside down when the apartment is in distress. A magnet version of the flag is kept on the refrigerator and has been turned upside down in times of distress. When he and Leonard made up, Sheldon let Leonard keep the flag.

What food is Amy allergic to?

Sheldon was not in a hurry to lose his virginity, but Amy was considering it for a long time before they coupled. She is also allergic to avocados and likes Chaucer, medieval poetry, old French movies and writes “Little House on the Prairie” fan fiction.

What temperature does Sheldon keep the apartment?

Sheldon Cooper: Dear crazy future Sheldon, this is a thermostat. It controls the temperature of the apartment. The ideal setting is 72 degrees. If you find this too cold, then put on a jacket a straight jacket, ’cause 72’s the best and you’re crazy.