Where To Position Your Camera For Miniature Paintings?

How do you take good mini pictures?

Small World – 8 Tips for Creative Miniature Photography

  1. Put some thought into planning your miniature photography scenes.
  2. Invest in a portable Studio Box.
  3. Light your miniature photography with a Speedflight flash.
  4. Give yourself options when shooting.
  5. Make sure you put some thought into the right camera settings.

How do you take a mini picture with your phone?

When using a smartphone to take a picture of your miniature, you will want to tap on the miniature to focus the exposure on it, but you can also then slide your finger up and down (iPhone) or tap a slider (Android) to adjust the exposure which will make the picture lighter or darker.

How do you light a miniature?

The colors range from there, with a good daylight white settling right around the middle. The best light for painting miniatures is right at that sunlight range, between 5000 and 6000 K. White light equals less color distortion, meaning better painting for very little effort.

How do you make a little background black?

Use a lightbouncer or simply a piece of paper to bounce the light from the bottom if you are using a black backdrop. That way your miniature will get a little bit of light from the bottom and you will have more depth in your photo. To have a fair comparison I used the same camera and lens for all three methods.

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Is miniature painting hard?

Not difficult, just expensive and time-consuming – but rewarding. It’s pretty much a hobby in itself. Honestly, it’s as difficult and expensive as you want it to be. You can very easily get started with a 5 dollar set of paints and a set of crappy hobby Brushes.

How do you prime a mini?

Gently spray the miniatures from a distance (about 20-30 cm) in short bursts. Move the spraycan while spraying so you avoid spraying in the same area for long. Avoid getting too much primer on the miniature in one go (you can let it dry and spray it again if you need a very even coat all over).